Awesome Aluminium Captain America Shield Replica



Suit up and join the Avengers with this awesome hand painted aluminium Captain America Shield Replica. This life-size collector’s item is perfect for any true Marvel fan or professional cosplayer. HURRY, LIMITED STOCK REMAINING!

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Steve Roger’s iconic Vibranium shield is a core part of Captain America’s identity and is used as his first line of defence in the comics and on the big screen. This premium Captain America Shield Replica is an impressive 24 inches in diameter and also features the iconic adjustable straps, allowing it to be worn just Captain America himself.

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Captain America Shield Replica Features

  • Full 1:1 ratio metal shield
  • The shield is 24-inch diameter
  • Premium design and finish featuring iconic red, white, and blue styling
  • Iconic adjustable straps

Check out the clip below to see a first look of Steve Roger’s vibranium shield in Captain America The First Avenger!